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UI Design
Design System
Solo Project
12 weeks
Proto Pie
Project Overview
Crocs eCommerce platform
Crocs believes that comfort is the key to happiness, and their iconic Crocs makes the world a happier place, one pair of shoes at a time.
The Problem
Crocs's current e-commerce website is themed as B/W and basic. The fun and colorful brand personality has not been demonstrated through the interface design. The user interface is crowed and difficulty to filter the products. Through my research, I found out that Classic Clogs made up three-quarters of sale, which suggest a strong demand from the consumer.
The Solution
Create a fun and colorful UI design that enlighten the shopping experience. Established a visual design system, to ensure a consistent and standard design modification. Since more than 3/4 of the costumers are buying classic clog, I want to improves the purchasing process by adding a " Build Your Classic Clog", which emphasis on the experience to create their unique pair of classic clogs.
Task Flow
Design Principal
Crocs Playground
Use of geometric shapes and graphic elements to bring fun and playful experience. Provide easy navigation to different categories of products and emphasis on the main product of the company.
70% The Jester
30% The Everyman
Design Principal
Ui design
Crocs Home Page
Ui design
Search Filter
Ui design
Product Display
Ui design
Custom Crocs

In 2021, Clog sales remained strong, representing 80% of total footwear revenues compared with 72% in 2020. The Classic Clog franchise witnessed triple-digit sales growth, while sandals’ sales advanced 30%, driven by strength in its personalizable Classic Slide and Classic Sandal.

Since Classic Clogs is accountable for majority of the sales at Crocs. I want to enhance the purchasing experience through gamification. This will allow our customer have experiment building their unique Classic Clogs with Jibbitz. I differentiate the product display page for Classic Clogs so that users can have a more engaging purchase experience, compared to the other products from Crocs.

Ui design
Shopping Cart
What's Next
I add more brand personality to Crocs' eCommerce platform, by integrating fun shapes and colors. Reflecting on the feedback from the heuristic evaluation of the site task flow, I have made it easier to access the content for the user.
To revaluate the custom Crocs page, making it more user friendly. I want the user to find the purchase experience more like a game, easy but fun!
Our Successes
•Associate Crocs with new look that correspond with the brand personality.
•Finding a unique insight through Crocs's sale and create unique experience buying crocs