I was born in China and grew up in Singapore. I often refer myself as a Local Foreigner. Living in different countries allow me to understand the different ideology, social culture, and struggles that people have. I enjoy listening to other's stories and experiences, and how theirs are different from mine.

Yo! What’s up
I am Harry from the Bronx, New York.

Why UX Design?

Before UX design, I worked in advertising, specializing in advertising strategy and art direction. I conduct research based on observations and statistics, to look for advertising insight. The insight that will allow the advert to resonate with the audience cause of the universal human truth. Long story short… I enjoy advertising but instead of making advert that play in the back of their mind, I want to design product that can make a difference in their everyday life.

Check out my D&AD Pencil Winner advert for Google Fonts.
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What I like to do

When I am away from all the digital screens…. You will find me at the BIGGER SCREEN #AMC-A*List, doing some hands-on Lego building, or preparing for my Erhu concert at Canal Street.
Music I play with Erhu
Movies I cried watching
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