My Role
UX Research & Design
Design System
My Team
Antoni Zhang
Harry Lin
4 months
2022 Near Foundation Entrepreneurship Product Design,
Project Overview
In the spring of 2022 I got the opportunity to intern as a UX Designer at Universe, a start-up company. With the Apps EDU team. I worked on a web 3.0 platform to provide user-friendly services for creators, businesses, and followers to make NFT transactions for their brand.
Product Description
As a startup company product, Universe Platform was designed to gain a share of the trending NFT market. It is a marketplace for digital memberships with real world benefits. By giving supporters the chance to gain access to a different level of their favorite brands, a new tier of interpersonal interaction can be built between the brands and the fans.
My Contribution
As a UI/UX designer, I had been contributing to this product from its inception to its implementation, along with the product manager, designers and the engineering team. Although this product has not been launched yet, we have received one hundred thousands dollars fundings from the NEAR Foundation and attracted many influencers' and content creators' interests.

Due to NDA, I am unable to disclose any details about the projects. Feel free to contact me at !