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Design Strategy
Morgan Hlaing
Isabelle Kwong
12 weeks
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
The Tiny Cupboard

The Problem
The Tiny Cupboard's existing branding is lack of brand personality and supporting assets. Moreover, the funky fire escape and rooftop event space were forced to shut down due to safety reasons. A major disappointment for fans of the TTC. Through the rebrand we want keep these unique memories as part of the brand heritage.
The Solution
Our Design approach is to adding an element of nostalgia to the unique experiences at old Tiny Cupboard. Expand upon the brand touch-points to be fun and give a laugh. Create brand guidelines to provide direction for all collateral for a consistent look and feel.
A comedy club that is to be descried as fun, exciting and PINK! The Tiny Cupboard was established from a 153 square foot old PINK Church. By creating a fun time with a rotating line-up of cool experiences, the space is filled with joy and laughter,  Explore the quirky and unique event space such as the rooftop, fire escape staircase and the "Mush-room."
Brand Strategy
The New Old
The Tiny Cupboard prides itself on being unconventional, funky, and joyful. Their goal is to provide a rotating lineup of cool experiences in a memorable space.