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UX Research & Design
UI Design
Design System
Sara Park
Max Barbosa
Isabelle Kwong
Harry Lin
4 months
Proto Pie
After Effects
2022 Interactive Annual Competition, Winner
Project Overview
Ticketmaster is the world’s largest ticket marketplace. It provides access for users to millions of live events and makes it easier to buy, sell, and get in.
The Problem
We found out that users only use Ticketmaster to purchase event tickets. Ticketmaster is not involved in the other aspects of event organization.

How can we encourage more users to purchase event ticket with friends?
The Solution
We integrated 4 new features that support Ticketmaster’s users beyond tickets purchases. Transitioning Ticketmaster to a platform that promotes social gathering among friends, and a more convenient event planning experience.
Competitor Analysis

As part of our research after our product pivot, we conducted a competitive analysis on similar products. We look into major event ticketing apps to find out what are some functions that stood out from Ticketmaster.

Some of our findings include:
User Research

We asked our interviewees about their frequency to attending a live event, understand their ticketing process and what are some frustration they encounter throughout the process.

Empathy Interview

We conducted 13 empathy interviews to understand the user journey, needs and pain points of event goers. The following statements stood out to us.

My Hypothesis

I looked into the nature of event experiences. I noticed that the show itself is only one aspect of the experience. The companion is what make the time spent truly special. After sharing the insight with the team, we decided to to dive into the interaction between our users and their companions when attending events.

User Persona

We created 4 User Persona, based on age group and the type of companions when attending the events. As we found out that the companion is a crucial element that influences the holistic event experience.

How Might We
Task Flow +Prototype

After the initial sketch up for the wireframes, I proceed to put them into a task flow. During the process, I looked into companies with similar features, Uber and Lyft. After some discovery on how they have approach the features, key take away is that the feature should be introduce as an option in early stage of the flow, so that it will not cause confusion in later. I also conduct a user testing for the UX writing to ensure user are able to understand the function.


We created the low fidelity wireframes based on the task flow for our user. During this process, we try to incorporate user's wants and delighter for a more convenient purchase experience. Such as, allow user to conduct seat allocations and payment reminders.

Testing & Evaluation
Feature 1
Social Engagement
To promote user engagement by sharing user's interest and purchase history within social circle. User will be able to know if their friends are attending any upcoming event.
Feature 2
Split Cost
Help user seamlessly complete ticket transection with large group purchasing. To give option to lighten financial burden on individual. Avoid awkward conversation and emotional stress when requesting for missing payment.
Feature 3
360° Seat Selection
Feature 3
Venue Assistance
Ticketmaster can play a bigger at event space. With the venue assistance, user can better navigate and get the help they need. This will help family with children to better find the facilities they need.
Feature 4
Event Add ons
To help our user better plan their night with event add ons. This allows user to explore the popular restaurant and recommended parking space.
Design Conclusion
What's Next
We make Ticketmaster a more holistic platform for event planning and making it more convenient to connect with friends for a wholesome experience.
After learning that most people only use Ticketmaster for purchasing tickets, the reason might be because that the home page is lack of event exploration and tailoring content towards the users needs. I want to help Ticketmaster to implement function  to music app, such as Spotify and Apple music in promoting new exciting genres for exploration.

Another area that I want to explore is to making the event a memorable night. From behavior observation, where people love taking photos to capture the moment. I want to help user to be able to keep digital footprint of their experience. This is also due to the rising trend of NFT.
Our Successes
•We made it possible to engage and expand user’s social circle through the app experience.
•We made it convenient to for users to purchase group tickets by removing the need of multiple apps.
•Allow Ticketmaster to play a bigger part in event space assistance and surrounding .
This was my first UX project, and second time using Figma. I had a great time working with my team, we each brought a unique skillset to the project. Through this project I found my strength and interest which is the process of research and ideation.
What can be better? As this was a classroom project, I did not have the opportunity to go visit event space in person. In the future I will expand on my research by go on a field trip to observe our users journey in person.
Also amazing news! This project won the 2022 Interactive Annual Competition, I am really proud of my team, and special thanks to our awesome Professor Christie Shin.

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