My Role
Special Thanks
Art Director
7 Weeks
Adobe Creative Suite
Magica Voxel
P. Anna Blume, Art History,
P.Nicole Zizila, Advertising & Digital Design  
P. Michael Posso, Creative Technology
Artechouse: The Stolen History of Art
Artechouse is an innovative leader that expands the possibilities of art and how we experience it through cutting-edge technology-driven exhibitions and experiences.
The Problem
Major Western Museums are under huge controversy for not acknowledging the dark history of their collection. They refused to answer the repatriation request from other countries. Artifacts are exclusively display in their museum that were made accessible to their people. In contrast, people from other countries are not able to visit in person to understand their cultural heritage.
The Solution
Artechouse will be able to break the boundary of space and the necessity of authentic artwork. This is a great opportunity to point out the weakness of major Western museums, which are supported by the climate of the era, where people care about social justice and are purpose-driven.

What's Next
“The Stolen History of Art”  immersive experience by Artechouse will exhibit around the globe,  advocating for the repatriation movement and helping audiences to better understand the authentic history of these relics. When we start to question a historical narrative spoon-fed to us from a biased Western perspective, we take the first step to prevent history from repeating itself.
This is a self initiative to help raise awareness to the repatriation movement. I hope to execute the NFT collection and collaborate with digital platform to educate youth through gamification.